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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Welcome October! so we have stepped on the month i had been waiting for... time to put in our cottons and pull out the woolens! Its also the month when the Autumn season begins. I begin writing a poem about the season but i've left to complete for i need to really focus on intense emotions to write unlike now... i'm a bit gloomy, but not that intense when i can focus on my emotions and pen them down.

Lets see what tomorrow will bring for this caged bird as i will be going out to a heritage Plaza in my city named Swabhumi. A home bird who hardly move out of home when walks in open space would surely bring eyes upon me as i feel like an alien being stared at. But anyways, i love shopping there at the part apart from admiring the place with all its olden calcutta architectural history as derived from a legend and feasting! Mouth watering pani puri (We all love it, don't we, esp the calcuttans :-)) and other other traditional Rajasthani, Gujarati and South Indian dishes, and more, are served, tantalizing your taste buds such much until you savor them contentedly!

Here is where you get the best, people say who flock to our city during tourism visits or relatives visiting. But let me tell you that most of all the shopping is what i love. What attracts me most is all the traditional stuff you there, i never get to see anywhere else in the whole city. There are also programms and events which take place at the courtyard, and its a delight to watch the clowns walking on stilts come up to you and shake hands esp the kids who are most of the times frightened! Aryan as a kid was always scared of the clowns and so is Alisha when she is the same age as Aryan was as a funk! Hehe..

A great sense of peace and calm is what i get from this place... so it's a must to visit at least once in few months at least if i cant possibly make it every month :-)


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