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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just cant wait for my big shopping spree coming on this month and the next. Cant believe Christmas is just a few days from now(it feels so, at least) and i ain't prepared when I'm supposed to be the perfectionist when it comes to organizing parties! I've rarely been doing in recent years but when i used to, it was one hell of a party for everyone! Anyway, so I've got a new wish list and to be the host of any party, one got to be the best dressed amongst all the others in the room! See, that's what i said i ain't hosting parties if I'm not perfectly dressed to be the host ;-)

I've already bought a few things i was missing in my make up and skin care kit, and quite satisfied with the ponds newest white beauty, will review that later after few days of using, but it already feels so great to use, and the skin feel soft and supple unlike the previous white beauty. So, I'm quite keen on trying the other newest products to be lounged in the market soon! Cant wait actually but its not yet salary time for me and I've already made holes in my hubbies pockets! hehe..

I'm not a person who would pounce on every new product out but it doesn't harm to try the products i think products are essential for my make up and skin care kit... I'm loving the new colossal kajal from maybelline and wow, my eyes don't bleed anymore! ow I'm eyeing the newest range of lipsticks from Revlon... lets see what I'm able to get my hand on.. till then I've got to browse thoroughly for reviews if i can find any to avoid getting my money down the drain as the price of cosmetics are soaring high, would would consider jewellery instead but till my get my hands on those new lippies I'm not resting in peace! Wait for my reviews! :-)


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