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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Elders bath robes
When i was young i loved to be snuggled in a bath wrap once out of the shower. My mom used to bath me with immense care, she'd see to it that the soap and shampoo never swept into my tender eyes because i hated the burning sensation. I know you all do, but it was a mothers love i miss so much. I hated the cold breeze hitting on my skin after a warm bath, and the ordinary bath robe did save my skin a lot.

I'm no more a child to be fooled into ordinary towels wraps, i'd prefer a terry bath robe these days if i were given a chance. Its thick and would keep me warm from the cold breeze that i hate, especially the winters. We are fine with cold baths in India! But, even then i would only wear it when the kids are out. :-)

Kids bath robes

I saw a few soft minty ones for kids, they'll love it and you wouldn't have to chase them for baths then. The parents i assume, wouldn't worry to spend an extra dime on a waffle bath robe for self pampering too, because they're worth it!

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  1. bluecrystaldude said...
    Hi Nisha!

    Miss ya! I am back in this crowded blogsphere. Hehe. Pardon me for being a little bit slow in catching up with all your updates. Lots of things need to be done first before I am in my full swing. How's Alisha?

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