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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Big Boss 3 had arrived and has already been aired on tv since sunday, 4th. This was much to my surprise, disappointment and anger because when i had been waiting for the inaugural epi to begin on monday i was oblivious to exact date and day for its inaugural! On seeing how excited i was to finish cooking lunch+dinner(shot cut.. hehe) and get in front of the tv later in the evening to watch the welcoming of the contestants by the Big B Amitabh Bachchan himself, my excitement was suddenly intervened by my hubby and son Aryan's words, who said "mummy they had showed big boss yesterday, it was the first day" i was shocked, i stood there and asked my hubby "what is he saying? isn't the first epi going to be aired today being monday??? to which my hub replied "it began yesterday, which world are you in?!"

YEAH... which world was i in really in i have no idea right now but all this came much to my disappointment as i longed to watch big boss since the day they'd been previewing on tv and didn't want to miss out on the first epi for nothing! But good for me and Aryan, i was lucky to get to watch the repeat telecast and i did very satisfactorily or i was going to blast up Aryan for watching his cartoon day in and day out which forcibly had me divert my mind away from tv most for the time!! and for not allowing me keep in sync with my favorite channel on which big boss was about to be being aired then.. I was adamantly not even going to watch any of the epi as i blurted out in anger.. hehe.. Good i checked out the repeat schedule and was in time to watch My favorite Big boss..

oh! I have to tell you all there are few rare characters on the show and you must get these updates from me right here, so don't forget to come back here tomorrow for my take on the first three days! wonder how they're going to live the rest of the days since the first itself day past with tears, smiles and fights! ta-ta for now :-)

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