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Thursday, October 08, 2009

I have recently submitted two of my newest blogs to a number of web directories. I guess this should take me one step ahead of getting my blogs indexed into google and other search engines, also allowing traffic to come to my blogs quicker. These web directories are mainly listed in category and sub category wise and sometimes one may even pay to have his/her website included into the directory. I’ve submitted mine to web directories Yahoo and Dmoz which are free and I didn’t even need to add a reciprocal link to my site which means if I add a link to their directory, I am also provided a link by them to be added to my site in order to get mine added to theirs. This way I got only one way back link and is definitely beneficial for me. These directories are free yet secure. There are also bid to submit directories where you can bid for your websites position. Say the higher you bid, your link will make it to the higher position on the directory. If you have recently built a business website, then it’s advisable to submit your site to the business web directory which is likely to attract people looking only for business purposes. This would help you benefit more than submitting to plain directories.

I have just submitted the best of website to jasmine directory which is a free and secure web directory because I felt this site which updates us about India’s best, be it the heritage of India, the weather of India, states of India, cuisines of India, festivals of India, religions of India, or any other useful link has top information about India for one and all. Any tourist who wants to visit India must visit this website first and gather all the information needed to visit the land of different cultures so that his/her visit to India turns out well and they don’t return to they own land with bitter experiences of india. With so many people speaking different languages I think it’s sometimes difficult for the westerners to know and understand better of the Indians. I don’t want our foreign friends to think wrongly of India, and so with all the information they gather from this site, I wish them good experiences once they visit our beautiful country. When you visit India you must make it a point to visit the magnificent Taj Mahal located in Agra because it’s the symbol of love built by Emperor Shah Jahan for the love of his life, his wife Mumtaz Jahan. Doesn't India already sound amazing? So pack your bags and hop on your quickest flight to visit us here :-)

This is what web directories and made for! To give out the best to the surfers, is to provide them with the top websites on one click of their mouse, but of course one searching for the closest possible keyword. Now the keyword trick is another story which I shall post about some other day.


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