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Friday, October 30, 2009

People walk into a relationship romantically but at some point of time it starts to fade, blame it on the other demands. Why wait for something bitter when you are the one who can keep a relationship from withering? romance is one element that needs to be active all the time whether you are near or far.

If you are a male facing a relationship problem with your spouse, girlfriend or stable partner? these wonderful romantic tips and ideas can help you keep both remain romantically healthy. Cajoling/attention, flowers/chocolates are always first preferences but wait.. including these, there are lots more you can do to show how special she is in your life! go for it!

Roses on blades! haha.. Put rose petals above the blades on a fan and as the lady takes her place beneath the fan, switch it on, and she'll be delighted to bathe under the shower of sweet smelling petals! just don't forget to spray some perfume on the petals..

Take her to movies, go fountain visiting and toss in a coin making a wish together.

During a conversation ask your girlfriend casually about her favorite things, make a secret list and keep it with you. In the case of music.. sing those songs and burn them in a CD, then gift it to her as a surprise. You both could have a romantic laugh or two!

Or, why not strum the guitar and sing to her whilst on a candle night dinner at home or near the fireplace..

When you call at the times she at work, ask for the most beautiful person in the world(but only to her)..

Places to leave a romantic note-
In the refrigerator..
Jewelery box
Make up kit
As a bookmark(page being read).

Gather the pictures of your school, collage or courting time and upload them to a popular site as facebook etc.. write romantic captions about how you felt during that particular shot. You can also gift her the photos personalizing it decoratively.

Set aside a date for putting up with all the household chores yourself. Name it a wife's/woman's monthly day off, and do all the things she wants and decides!

Stroll with your partner beside a beach or in an open space after dinner, whether at home or out.

Let her wake up to a ready made breakfast.

She would love self personalized gifts.. it expresses the time, effort and love you've put into it.

Will update as time permits :-)

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  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    wow these are very romantic and ideal tips, i guess i should try it sometimes with my girlfriend
    she will surely love this!
    thanks for sharing!
    have a great day and happy blogging

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