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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Big boss 3 contestants/inmates/housemates

Boring big boss 3 begins to soar with all the its housemates getting too aggressive, and even disintegrating to bad behavior(wanting to beat each other up being celebrities!) on the reality show. Read till the end to know why..

Having watched and enjoyed all the episodes of the the 1st and 2nd season of big boss, this season of big boss 3 is a real boredom and the celebs seem like they've been ridiculed into living in the house. They are a set of people who either react to any situation as cry babies or spit fire at every single chance!! There is no entertainment except for abusive language, and shocks!

The house is no doubt, wonderland and no wonder the inmates have lost themselves somewhere in the mushroom house! colorful and mushroom shaped, this house is smaller than the previous seasons but the most beautiful one decorated with exquisite furniture and decors. Out in the garden there are mushrooms shaped seats.
Boys bedroom

I think they should make the script more interesting and entertaining with twists and turns or else they'll all be going to jail.. lol.. there is also a jail as punishment for those who break the rules.

Lets see what happens tomorrow as the appalled inmates have asked for justice from bis boss! Kamal R khan- a director, had flung his drinking water bottle at Rohit Verma- well known designer, following a heated argument which accidentally hit our beautiful bollywood actress Shamita Shetty on her arm and she who was quite shaken up by the incident. Shamita also happens to be younger sister to Shilpa Shetty- winner of big brother and top bollywood actress! Kamal has been a nagger, bragger and lazybum since he entered into the house always boasting of his huge payments and that now he has to work in the house for people like Rakhi Sawants mother. But dint he know that! He is voted for eviction but i doubt he'll be kept till friday(eviction day)..

Justice will prevail today.. so.. since the show is telecast daily at and the big boss repeat telecast is at following an immediate live telecast at dont forget to tune into to watch big boss 3, as i assume, it begins to get interesting from today :-)
Girls room


  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    big boss and big brother... Are they the same?
    have a great day my friend
    hitesh rawat said...
    i think...that KRK guy is bringing disgrace to the BIHARI image ........

    its good that he's thrown out ......hope this will the show a bit better to watch

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