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Saturday, October 24, 2009

When i was below 10, i used to collect these rare old coins my grand-dad kept in a metal box. Since he always knew i had the zest for coin collecting, he encouraged me and rummaged into the old trunks he seldom opened, during holidays, to keep adding more coins to my collection. If i would ever let my kids know that i've still kept it, i would only do so as they turn grown ups.

If you are reading this, i assume you might be a coin collector or an investor too? You might be looking out for resources of others collectors and investors and i can suggest you silver dollars which could offer you more than you expect. They're trusted leaders in investments and part of the Monex family of companies for 40 years. They're impressive in their offering as they can also provide you with access to valuable grade coins worth a lump some!

The wish i couldn't put into action, i hope every one of you are able to achieve success in your rare coin investments and collections, and you can be more successful by first gaining the knowledge and advantage of a coin expert. They're professional and can help you to build your coin portfolio effectively, plus get highest quality rare coins available at perfect prices!


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