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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Whew! how time flies.. few years ago i was confined to labor and little did i know i would be blessed with my baby girl Alisha who has just turned three years old today, 18th oct! Yes, its her birthday today... but it's just 2.42am right now and i have to wake up early, earlier than usual(wink) to spend the whole day pampering her and then we'll party for her along with a continuation of Diwali celebrations(playing with the fireworks) tomorrow eve.. hehe.. She's been anxious about her cake and Diwali leftover crackers/fireworks and even asked me at midnight for it! i explained if she didn't sleep soon, the butterflies(which she very funnily doesn't like) will come and take away her cake.. hearing this she fell off to sleep in deep thought.

Update(morn)- forgot to hit publish though i thought i did!!.. anyway, i've woken up to another new day! :-)


  1. chubskulit said...
    Hi Mommy Nisha, Happy happy birthday to your beautiful princess. May God bless her with good health and success in the future.

    Thanks for your vote for my daughter Rylie!
    Bluedreamer said...
    wow happy birthday to alisha best wishes for her!!
    nancy said...
    how great! the princess here turns 3. wish her sound health always...

    happy birthday, baby Alisha!

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