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Monday, October 05, 2009

There is no doubt that the world of internet is full of gamers who have taken to playing online games where-ever and when-ever one has a few minutes to spare. Gone are the days when technology had offered a mere box of mini video games, because these days we have online 3d games being lounged almost daily and nobody needs to visit the video parlor anymore or spare a few bucks just to get a touch of their favorite games.

Have you heard of the newest MMO online game:aion? my son seems to be enjoying his time playing his favorite character which he had created himself, according to his personality and not only does he pass time all by himself by this newest gaming experience, his dad too, interacts online with him through this game. They both keep being occupied most of the time along with my daughter Alisha who entertains them with her dancing skills and am thankfully busily away from the computer cooking something special for them to eat after they have tired themselves to no end! I thought i could also try my gaming skills and customized and created a character called Nisha! wait until you see her.. ;)

All moms and parents can also strengthen their bonding and interaction with their kids through online games. You have the beginners guide there on the site and they also have aion classes for you to read in case you might just get confused. Go and register right now!



  1. Adrian said...
    I love this game and have my own blog following my gameplay at Ashlique's Aion Adventure

    Do you think AionAlliance needs a good Aion Guild Emblem Tutorial?
    Anonymous said...

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