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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Its barely a month we all celebrated the Durga Puja festival and three days to go for Diwali, the festival of lights! I had written about it if you would like to read it.. head over to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth visits us on diwali(the festival of lights). It always gets pretty exciting before a festival nears because it brings with it so much of joy and delight.

Being a non-hindu i get the privilege to celebrate this festival with my sister and her family(married to a hindu). My son and daughter enjoy bursting crackers and eating the puja prasad..

Though shopping and other exciting activities make up the pre-celebrations but the main part of any celebration is feasting and especially in India, almost every hindu/bengali household gets involved into the preparing of delicious traditional sweets and other dishes for their families and guests who would be visiting them. Here are some recipes for Diwali.. Am sure you will enjoy relishing them once your fingers touch them :-)

Kaju barfi

3 cups Cashew powder
2 cups Sugar
0.5-cup Water
Silver foil

Prepare some sugar syrup of almost 2 thread consistency and dissolve the cashew powder in the solution. Keep stirring the solution and once its thickened spread it on a plate. Before the barfi cools and hardens, cover it with the silver foil and cut into into diamond shapes. Your barfis ready, enjoy it with your family and relatives on diwali.

I'll be updating some more tomorrow.. dont forget to hop back here :-)


  1. chubskulit said...
    That looks sumptuous! Enjoy the holiday and festive event!

    Thank you baby nisha for your support/vote to my daughter!

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    only for biz said...
    hey this is nice.......

    sad i won't be home for this diwali......but i'll be at chinasawamy stadium for the CLT20 match.....Bengaluru.....

    Happy Diwali...and yea..subscription done.....

    shydub said...
    Everytime i visited your site Nisha, different lovely layout and header welcome me hehehe.

    That food you got there look so delish. Enjoy the Festival.

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