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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I've watched plenty of movies on Halloween night but to experience it in person would an entirely different experience, really frightening.. it’s something i have never seen or witnessed in person. Must be eerie and spooky like the movies, eh!? but something totally amusing.. i know, i know.. i've also grown up reading and hearing about it in books, and from my relatives and friends who live in those foreign lands :-)

Though i have watched movies depicting Halloween celebrations and heard so much, i was still oblivious to many questions i had in mind. Well, at last i couldn't stop myself from curiously hopping around the internet for history, traditions, activities, and some safety tips regarding the much awaited Halloween night.

I also know it’s a night where kids are prone to accidents. It’s obvious, and important as parents to practice cautiousness on festivals and occasions. To ensure everyone has a safe Halloween i've put down a few Halloween safety tips, and activities for kids. This is a post from my other blog (pregnancy and parenting).

I wish i could be part of the celebrations, i know i cant, but i can.. wish you all a HAPPY AND SAFE HALLOWEEN :-)


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