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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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I couldn't help but get into the mood of story telling to get Alisha, my 4 year old daughter to sleep earlier than her usual time so that she awakes and readies for school without feeling sleepy. The funny and amazing thing is how she created a different ending out of mine and though i laughed at her version but believe me, i was left zapped at how kids can make up stories!!! If you already know the story about the monkey and the crocodile (mine, is a different short story ;)), jump to her version which is right below ;)

My story goes like this 'once there a monkey who wanted to cross the river to his home on a tree on an island, so he told to his friend the crocodile "will you help me across the river dear friend, croc"

The crocodile said "yes my friend, just get on my back i shall swim you across"

On the way, when they had reached the deep in the middle of the river the croc spoke, "Well, Mr Monkey, my wife is very sick and needs your heart to eat or she will die. I will only continue our journey only if you give me your heart in return"

The monkey replied after a second of thinking "well my friend, you see, i have my heart hung on the tree which i left to dry after washing. I will give it to you once i reach my tree top house" to which the crocodile agree and continued swimming.

Once they reached the island the clever monkey jumped out of the crocs back and climbed the tree as fast as he could. When he reached the top, he told the waiting croc "hahaha, im sorry but my dear friend i had to lie to save my life for if i had told you my heart was with me inside my chest, you would have killed me!" The croc realized its stupidity and left the river to a far away one never to be seen again. LOL that was my story for her...

After i was done i asked her to tell me a story but she had something else in her mind, told me 'No, when they reached the top the monkey climbed up and told the croc "hahaha, i don’t have my heart on the tree, my heart is inside me, but you would kill me if i told you the truth" '

'So the croc jumped/climbed the tree and bit and beat the monkey and took out a knife and cut out the monkeys heart and ate it up, then went to his wife and gave the heart to this wife and the wife also ate the heart and the monkey died'

But of course, in her 4 year old language and in a mixture of English/Hindi! hahaha... And i was wondering how many hearts the monkey actually had, two? Television influence it seems! Anything is possible in the mind of a kid... :)

Next what i'm going to see is read her stories online, on the internet and with pictures it's going to be fun... ;)

Note- This is not a paid post! ;)


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