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Friday, July 22, 2011

Its really shocking to know of the spit between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony! But then who isn't aware of such happenings in the film industry? Its a wee bit non problematic issue that keeps cropping up for the celebrities that there isn't anymore interest in who is marring or who is about to, or already divorced. Well, and did you really think that? never will they be non wagging tongues where celebs are concerned, be it their link up's, make up's or break ups!

J.Lo and Marc Anthony tied the knot on June 5th, 2004 and there wasn't ever a slight bit of idea there was something cold brewing between them, no not coffee, if your mind did wander just now into a Sizzling Jennifer and Hottie Marc sipping a coffee on a cold winter morning. Well something that cold which lead them to a divorce! They did look the lead pair of the american idol finale's hottest couple but what happened two months later? A divorce.. a steamy one, not steamier than the performance during the show, though.

But what went wrong? Will let you know in an update ;)


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