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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm a little or badly exhausted i have no idea about it myself, because my brains don't seem to be working anymore! Phew! I'l go for badly exhausted Bcoz i've been working around the clock since i came back from my vacations and no time to even upload my vacation pics. Well i would be benefiting from my hard work so why complain? ;) But just wondering whether when i hit the sack, will i be able to awake to see the kids off to school, since school reopens from tomorrow. The end of the holidays had seen them not wanting to go back to school after all the enjoyment they've had during the vacation and at home itself. No routine when on hols!

As for me, i've gotten dark circles and my skin seems kinda pale :( hardly any time for sleeping and no time at all for skin care these days after i've been bombarded with loads of work. But i'll rather say, showers of blessings as i've got my eyes on that new gadget i was looking forward to purchasing ;)

Hey folks, BTW, i've got some home remedies for dark circles which i tried myself, and quite effective ones...

1. Potato and cucumber juice is a very effective home remedy to lighten under eye dark circles, and also helps to soothe and refresh your skin.

2. Place a little moist tea bags under your eyes for about 10 mins. Helps to reduce the puffiness below the eyes apart from lightening the dark circles.

3. Tomato juice mixed with lemon can also help...

4. Drink lots of water, avoid the sun, eat well and sleep well... then we dont have an excuse to invite the dark circles ! ;)


  1. Jean Soo said...
    hi nisha! i've heard abt the tea bag but havent try before. thanks for the tips and hope you'll get yr beauty sleep soon. Take care! :)
    Nisha said...
    Yeah Jean, the tea bags are so easily gotten so its the easiest remedy.. Thanks so much for your sweet concern, and for visiting2 :)

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