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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weeks ago, the latest and major page rank update has indeed affected a lot of blogs by drops, and the same for one of my blogs which i haven't been updating and so it was expected. But i was surprised to find my main blogs page rank intact(it didn't rank higher nor did it drop) though i have hardly been updating, maybe just weekly. The pr has been intact for a year now thankfully to god! One of my celebrity blogs have ranked from pr0 to pr2 but its just a mere blog for me, while 'nishas world' is my life. I have been blogging on it since 2007 and here is 2011, where am still going strong :)

Though some some blogs have been affected with the update, their earnings have been affected too as the higher your pr is, the more you seem to earn. And though some bloggers come up with "i dont care for page rank but for traffic more" then i'd like to say that grapes are sour at their end, coz i know the page rank is a desirable fellow to its page owners and it does make a huge difference to a websites importance and prestige. Traffic no doubt, determines a sites popularity... :)


  1. Jean Soo said...
    yeah, i want my PR! but yummy is still a new blog so it's no surprise that it is still 0. haha! :D
    Jean Soo said...
    hope nisha's world will continue to grow strong & gain a good PR! :)
    Nisha said...
    Don't worry Jean, your pr wish will be granted by a fairy passing by (psst.. Googles fairy!) hehehe..

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