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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Femtocell Technology

Sometimes it really gets annoying when you're expecting an important call and the single is not available. Or when you need urgent access to the internet from your cell phone and the service coverage is either limited or unavailable. But with time, technology keeps advancing and wilson street strives to fulfill the demands for bandwidth for homes, offices and other public areas. They are home to small cells technologies and growing with the secrets of how cell technology can be deployed within your homes, offices, etc.. They visualize a better tomorrow by today's mobile experiences transformed by small cells technology.

Manufactured by Alcatel Lucent, which cover a vast portfolio of industries, service providers and enterprises, femtocells are sold worldwide and allow service providers to extend service coverage indoors, especially where access would otherwise be limited or unavailable. A residential femtocell provide 5 bars of signal, works through a broadband route for internet and delivers reliable network, works with 3g phones, has power to work affectingly in congested traffic areas.


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