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Friday, July 22, 2011

I made up my mind to change my layout soon and it’s a promise to me. It’s important i attract more traffic than chasing them away. It’s important i give my baby a makeover ASAP, because am aware the content is not readable and the colors are too deep. Maybe my readers are polite enough not to mention but i am thoughtful about them. I need them to keep visiting back and never want to lose my readers for it their visits that my blog is ranked and successful (whatever bit ;)). So why should i give them a hard time while they're here. Its home to me, and those who visit my home should have a pleasant smile while leaving, a content smile that would keep them returning and wanting more from me.

The code editing part of changing the layout is what makes me hesitant to make a move at it, but i've given it a final thought... I Will .This would be a gift to myself too by the 31st of July which is also my wedding anniversary! I'll go to that part of my life later but for now let me concentrate on a new and beautiful layout, a makeover for this blog. I’ll have to browse though some sites, find graphics or maybe some ready made blogger layouts. If i don't find anything suitable to my taste and choice i will create a layout on my Photoshop like i did with this one! Not a bad idea, but if only time permits and i don't mess up with the codes.

There is no doubt, loads of pending work and i don't know how I’ll find the time but determination is the word for today, and for always. So, i will have to find time and complete the makeover before 31st. I don't even want my site to be under construction! So i must be quick. I must, i must, i must, i will, i will, i will.. Lol.. I just need suggestions where to get a premium but affordable layout, if anyone knows to save time, or i'll have to create one myself. Let’s see... :)

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  1. Jean Soo said...
    hi nisha! all the best in yr makeover. I hv a ready made template, you can grab it for free here.

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