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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I guess i'm not going to register or sign up on any site again using my yahoo email id! I'm still waiting for a confirmation email i was supposed to receive on my yahoo account. It's a site hosting a kids contest and i registered my 11 year old son, Aryan to participate. But it's only for Indians and though reliable, but they're only allowing a limited number of entries. Besides only one sign up per IP! Now that i haven't yet received the confirmation email how on earth am i going to enter further into the contest which is for kids of tender ages to create fun cartoons, faces, etc with colorful paints on food, and submit for voting. The winner would be selected through votes.

My son Aryan qualifies as a 11 year old and it would be a good opportunity to divert his mind from the games he loves to play but to which he is also getting addicted to. I thought since he is a creative little boy, there is a chance for him to win, plus his time spent on the contest would be worth his energy than the exhausting games he plays. But, i haven't yet received the yahoo email and frustration is getting into me because i would still run out of time for a second attempt to sign up from my sisters PC, considering the limited entries for registration. My sister might be in a deep sleep by now... and here it's a 'hurry or sign ups expire soon' situation i am stuck in! i cant even ask for a re-confirmation as im sure it still wouldn't arrive in my inbox. This has occurred a repeated amount of times but trusting yahoo emails service i signed up with my yahoo id, now what, regret! I should have used my Gmail id instead (sigh). Has Aryan lost the chance to enter? I'll have to wait and see... :(

Well, i've already waited for an hour to see if the mail would arrive at my yahoo address, even if in its own sweet time, but in vain. I think yahoo mail needs a real enhancement of its services instead of introducing a number of new and attractive features which are useless if the main service which is delivery and reception of emails hasn't yet bettered. In the attempt to lure new users they might lose their existing users to Gmail!

For me, a Gmail account is the winner even though they might not have been offering the new and many features the yahoo account does. But i don't care for features i care for my important mails more than anything else! Seems like i will have to divert all my imp emails to my Gmail account because, who knows, one day i might awake and find all my emails gone! Yahoo would say; we regret the inconvenience caused!!!!


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