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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Strange how my google page rank for my Pregnancy Blog changed back from pr1 to pr2 within just a few days of its drop from pr2 to pr1!!! I was shocked to see some tasks from a certain paid to review site assigned to me which i wasn't qualified for earlier because of the drop. I was in a confused state, but when i checked, it was back to its earlier Google page rank! The last update was around June 28th or 29th. So was this update necessary, and how and why so soon? I wonder how many other bloggers have experienced this? Do let me know... i feel there is some special force working for me where my luck is concerned, LOl.. cant help but feel that way with the tasks and paid reviews pouring in.

But i guess regarding the urgent pr update, there must have been some changes to our robot.text.file or some codes which we are oblivious to, and the previous update was just a reflection. Maybe its an algorithm experiment from Google which failed. Maybe Google didn't meant to penalize my pregnancy and parenting blog in the first place and so its back to its earlier pr. I'm sure most of you have also experienced this..with the curiosity that i'm going through, i need some more enlightenment soon! :)

Whatever it is, i will do some research before updating this post again :)


  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    same here Nisha... i was shocked to see my PRs back yay!
    Nisha said...
    Yeah, i guess it was an experiment from Google! but thank god no one was harmed... hehehe.. glad your PR is back :)

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