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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seems like our advertises are busy elsewhere because lately there is a big delay for task approval. There used to be an approval of tasks for certain sites immediately after completion and submission but now we have to wait for days.

Loudlauch, the 2nd best paid to review website though consistant in assinging tasks to its publichers, has been delaying our task approvals, but am not complaining, coz the flow of tasks are pretty much evident of how busy there are! ;)

I'm surprised, Blogitive too still seems to be having problems with their hosting and the loss of data as they claimed on their site weeks ago, and there are lined up tasks yet to be approved. There are no tasks coming in too but i hope soon :)

Now all i can do it wait until the approvals and from then on, count the days till i'll be paid.

But some such sites which pay on time are blogsvertise, and socialspark through the flow of tasks from SS seeing to be dyeing down while blogsvertise is consistent with assigning bloggers tasks. There is hardly any luck with socialspark anymore after SocialSpark v2.0 was created... But the opportunies to earn online are endless from new and better sites being launched! So good luck bloggers.. :)


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