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Monday, July 25, 2011

Today i have decided to pay a tribute the Jazz and R&B singer Amy Winehouse who passed away aged 27, on 23rd July(not sure about the date). She was well known her confused looks and terrible dress up days. One of her bad days were of her walking the street in just a lingerie top and jeans. Viewing her pics, one can understand the singer was into drug abuse which is the culprit leading her to an early death. I loved her stylish looks and the beehive she wore for a hairdo, something that always seemed quite 'funny' to me but sure did make a fashion statement for her fans and designers.

She often wore a confused look and expressed a depressed pattern of behavior which attracted media apart from her success. Her song "You Know I'm No Good" gives an insight into her life with lyrics like " I cheated myself,
Like I knew I would, I told you I was trouble, You know that I'm no good....

Her powerful, soulful voice suited for the rock genre more but i wasn't so into listening to Amy Winehouse, reason why i didnt post her for MM before. Its sad her tragic death has proven how "anti-drugs, smoking, and alcohol kills'- so i just like to advice the world to be drug-free.

Amy was born to a Jewish family, her mom a pharmacist while her dad was a taxi driver and of course she would missed by fans and her celeb friends and associates no doubt, but most of all her parents would miss their daughter. Her "Rehab" and "Tears dry on their own" won her fame, but sad she has joined other young celebs who had died at 27, one of whom is Kurt Cobain.

She will always be missed for her soulful voice, her style, her confused behavior whatever else be it, she had a life which she lost, and though she is immortalized in the music she left behind, the world will surely miss her. Amy Winehouse- Born 14th September Died- 23rd July. May her soul RIP.

A video of her track "Rehab" below- have a happy MM :)

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  1. stevebethere said...
    A lovely tribute and a great song

    Such a shame about her loads of tributes here in the UK today

    Have a great MM!

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