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Thursday, July 21, 2011

ELD Posture Correction Cushion and Travel Bags
How many of us while travelling think about the usage of Eco-friendly products? I doubt. But we should all know that even while travelling one can contribute towards the environment by living green, and now this is made possible by ELD, a company that specializes in manufacturing products suited for different types of travel.

Why is a posture correction so important and how can we achieve it through ELD?
Just like travel bags, which is a style statement for women that expresses their personality and professionalism, posture is also an important factor to maintain beauty and ensure comfort to a woman's body while travelling. The lack of correct posture can lead to health issues like spine disorders. ELD'S Memory Foam Cushion is designed to help muscles relax while travelling which in turn enhances performance. That tiredness which one would generally have after travelling or the aches and pains resulting from strenuous activities we normally do at home like meditation, yoga, watching TV sitting crouched on a sofa could be reduced by using an ELD high elasticity backrest cushion. This product which made up of elasticity urethane foam memory, helps to maintain the stability of posture by securing the waist, and ensuring comfort to the body corrects wrong posture and rids your back of pains. This also helps to prevent spinal disorders and can be used on a chair, or folded and carried anywhere! For long distance travelling one can also use an air-neck pillow.
ELD Posture Correction Cushion and Travel Bags
About the company and its history-
ELD, apart from developing ELD living goods also supports the growth of leisure and cushion goods because they understand their customers need for Eco-living. ETHOS and EDDAS, are two major brands domestically developed and launched in 2008 and 2009 respectively by ELD, and the company plans to go global and expand their business with their line of travel bags and other travel accessories. The spirit of ELD is to reach out to the world through their eco-friendly products thinking the world as its customer, also keeping in mind the competitiveness and base of their business.

Their major brands-
EDDAS specializes in manufacturing developed products suited for various types of travel.
EDDAS means beautiful, elegant, friendly, and honest in Greek language.

The stylish collections of ETHOS are modern products with a mixture of Mediterranean culture and urban feelings.
ETHOS means reputation, trust, interest, temperament, character in Greek language.

So do you also want to make a style statement for yourselves while keeping in mind that you also would be contributing towards the environment? If living green is your dream, i urge you, my readers to visit the sites below right now! Help save the environment while living your dream :) (Korean/English) (English) (English)

They are also available on social media networks... Visit them!



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