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Friday, July 01, 2011

I’ve heard and read this almost all over the web about the new moon and solar eclipse that will occur together, and how it effects our emotions... but not only our emotions but our lives. It has the power to affect our choices in life which in turn alters our directions in life. The effect is such that what we have never known could happen, might happen effectively by the manipulation of the coming new moons! Today is the day and i am already aware of its implications in my life, with the egoism and temper building up inside of me. I'm well are how it could effect just about anyone, aware or oblivious to the chances affected to a person by the new moon. I should just like to advice my readers to stay calm and contemplate on ones life, to learn what we couldn't accomplish earlier; we should give it another attempt, in fact a new beginning. The new moon brings with it, new beginnings which is something to ponder about.

I’ve already thought and decided about my new beginning, how to let its positivity flow into my life and trying my level best to implement it asap before this unusual occurrence ends. I was always influenced by the beauty of the moon and its mysterious ways. In tough time and wonderful times, i've always looked to the moon though i know it isn't a powerful force but influence can be really powerful.. Astrology does go a long way! :)


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