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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

As everyone knows a doorbell is used to alert you that someone is at your door. Before doorbells there were door knockers, which were mechanical devices that made a loud sound, and before that people just used their fist to knock on your door. Doorbells have the advantage over all of the previous methods because they are more easily heard above household noises.

The first doorbells were just a bell attached to a string, the visitor pulled the string to ring the bell alerting the homeowner that someone was at his or her door.

With modern technology evolving over time, doorbells now rely on the latest technology and can be combined with a wireless intercom to increase home security.

A wireless intercom is exactly that, wireless, so no complicated installation is needed. When someone rings the doorbell they can then speak into the intercom and say who they are. If you do not know them or consider them suspicious you can just tell them to go away and keep your door locked. This device makes it easy to find out who is at your door and decide who to let in.

It is an easy and quick way to increase your home security. There are also many other innovative gadgets that you can buy that can increase your security and that are also easy on your wallet. The website the has a great and interesting selection of wireless alarms and doorbell systems. One of the other types of alarms is a driveway alarm which is available in different detection ranges and styles. The basic wireless driveway alarm detects a vehicle or human within 20 feet of the sensor. The receiver can be placed inside your home within 200 feet of the sensor in your driveway, and this just takes a few minutes of installation without the use of wires and costs under $40.

Technology has moved us forward in so many areas, and provided us with many new and exciting gadgets and devices at a reasonable cost. backs all of their products with a money back guarantee so you can order from them without any worries. For the latest available innovative wireless and home security technologies visit gadgetshack today.


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