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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Every few months or lesser i have been the target of migraine attacks. I can bet on it, as one of the worst kind of sudden pain though most common of all. Normally the other aches ad ailments are called for, but not migraines, they come at a time you are most unaware! I hate the vomiting feeling that comes with it due to the acute unbearable pain. You just cant pop a saradon, aspirin or some other 'headache pill' because you know its not for good, neither for a while as it will get you again, unsuspectingly ;)

Anyway here are some tips, some home remedies to help you relieve yourself from migraines:

1. The first thing would be to try and identify what triggers of the migraines. Something you've eaten, smelled, or maybe excessive stress?? Rem, it need not be that two individuals encounter the same stimulation from the same factor. Anyway, drink lots of water and have meals in the right time Because dehydration and starvation can cause migraine headaches too!

2. Aromatherpay: the use of peppermint, sandalwood, lavender, and eucalyptus dipped on cold water and applied on the affected area, the forehead, is considered one of the best remedies to help ease migraines.

3. Consuming the juice or ginger, ripe grapes, cucumber, etc can help a migraine subside.

4. Cabbage leaves- a few crushed leaves tied into a cloth and left on the head at your convenient time should work to ease the pain.

5. The paste of lemon crusts can also be applied for instant migraine relief. Lemon is the easiest remedy as it can found in our kitchens!

6. Meditation helps to eliminate the daily stress, depression, tiredness, etc.. thus, avoiding a migraine.

Things to avoid that can result in the occurring or worsening of migraines:

1. Smoking, drinking and the consummation of hot spicy food stuffs.

2. Avoid direct contact of the sun. Its brightness can irritate the eyes.


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