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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Wedding Anniversary to me! been married for 12 years now! How shall i describe my journey... well i must say its a lifetime never ending journey but the ride till now was worth the decision i made years ago. It was a treat, though not like the icing on the cake nor the cake itself, but was a real treat! A roller coaster ride!

When you are married its uncertain where life could have you thrown in years but i've spend 12 years in a marriage as beautiful with roses and thorns. There has been endless thorns that could thwart me from moving another step in live but the roses itself were the strength and the motive... when life is a challenge itself.. marriage is just a part of our lives.... :)

My two minute self made wedding poetry!

There were days the tide seemed high..
There were days the tide was low..
There were days when everything seemed bright..
There were days when nothing went right..

One can never say threading a needle is easy and just the way is a married life. Its never easy and there would be lots of highs and lows at every point in life but a person remains strong and keep joining broken thread, that is what makes up a marriage(the lines above describe it so well) :)

We'll celebrating our day with my close family, and i wish us many more years to celebrate... Happy 12th Wedding anniversary to us :)


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