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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blogging- past and present

The present-
Today, we get to see a vast number of bloggers blogging their way into the world of popularity and fame. Once a blogger has carved a name for themselves in the blogosphere there is no turning back! I'm not talking about big and famous blogs like problogger, techcrunch, etc.. You could be the author of a parenting blog, a technology blog, a celebrity blog, or a blog on no matter what subject, but once your blogs gain fame and popularity within your circle, you are all set into a professional popularization. The more unique and useful the content, the more popularity you gain. That's what I've noticed... So if you want to know how, read this post i had written earlier about How to start blogging... all the tips, etc...

These days its more for earning online than anything else. Because paid reviews and selling link space seems to be one of the best methods for making money online i find people swarming into the blog world just to earn some extra moolah(money). Though the internet had opened umpteen doors to earn online, blogging remains the most easier, and way too addictive. Unlike before when blogging was only meant to help connect with oneself or the world through blogging or simply a pass-time, these days its entirely a money making focus by newbie bloggers! You wont find that purity, that zest for genuine blogging anymore unless its an experienced blogger who knows the do's and dont's of blogging. I would like to advice newbies that paid reviews should be done in a way that search engine rankings shouldn't be effected. Its very imp to focus on unique content rather than just keep posting reviews. They say, two/three personal posts in between a paid post. Personal content should 70% more than paid content. The the Google Pr is also important, so you don't want to lose it by allowing Google to penalize you for only paid content on your blog. Paid content doesn't bode well with Google! Though a lot of bloggers may claim it makes no difference but i beg to differ ;) A post i wrote earlier in the week about the recent Google page rank update.

It was those days i can never forget when blogging used to be about ones thoughts, experiences and personal life, even for me. Nowadays, its different for everyone including me! The intention remains to keep blogging for both, my personal self and to make use of golden opportunities. But why not, because who wouldn't love to be paid for the things their write... ?

The past- how it began
When i had began blogging, i didn't have the least bit of idea how people were earning through their blogs because back then, i don't think people took earning online a serious game, like me, even i didn't! I didn't get into blogging just to make money. It was more for myself and writing about my 'new born' daughter and my self-interests. It was a matter of 'genuine or fake'! Who would believe that one could actually be paid $$$$ for blogging/writing. Then came a time when i used to be an active chatter in the orkut forums, i came across these people talk about doing paid reviews, or get paid to post/write/blog, etc. I wondered why would anyone pay us to write about the things 'we' love, or even to write about their interests? I guess its all clear that advertisers pay us to review their products, company's and websites online. Nothing could convince me that i would be actually paid even after i posted my first review. I remember the first time i ever signed up to a website to do paid reviews i was nervous even while typing in my details, and remained nervous throughout until i received my first payment. I used to be worried to the extent with fingers crossed!!!! haha. The feel good reason helped me through it and i guess, there was no turning back since then :)


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