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Thursday, July 21, 2011

It was the 18th(few days ago), i was so awaiting the right time to put the pearl ring i had got made by a jeweler to ensure calmness of my mind. AS i already mentioned in a post last month how much i'm into astrology and gems, i was so convinced everything would be all right once i wear the priceless ring. Got the pearl from a far away city while i was holidaying and paid a great price for it.

But right now am really annoyed at the jeweler as the ring is a bit tight! but i wont refrain from wearing it once i put it on as it has healed a big part of me already. Lets see when i'm able to get it loosened to fit my finger! For now i've squeezed it into the little finger which of course is a but painful but no harm. It looks good.. LOL..


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