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Monday, July 11, 2011

Sometimes i wander over how troublesome i must have been as a child! And my thoughts do wonder over the millions of young girls and boys and how tough parenting is without any support from schools that are just founded for the education of a child. It's a worrisome prolonged period to nurture your child into a successful adult all by yourself esp. if the child is a struggling adolescent. But no more, do you have to struggle to cope with the nurturing of your child yourself.

I came across this suggestible residential treatment program for parents to turn to in the case of troubled teens, if you have one. Shelterwood is a co-ed boarding school for troubled teens. It is a different but licensed boarding school designed to mentor kids with the right love, care, and right therapeutic environment to help them accomplish a bright and successful future. They are uniquely equipped to treat struggling adolescents showing signs of low self-esteems and depression, addictions such as drugs or alcohol, anger or family conflict. They stand apart from other boarding schools because they strive not only to treat the child therapeutically, educationally and spiritually, but the whole family as well by getting to the root of issues, through a multifaceted approach. So, if you are considering Shelterwood out of all boarding schools for troubled girls and boys? Here is a summary info.

Shelterwood was founded in 1980, located in Missouri and they provide high quality facilities like individual, group, and family therapy along with an accredited school for at-risk youth for troubled teens with the help of their residential treatment program designed to help the kids overcome challenges they face in daily lives. They are equipped with an on-site private program so teens receive topnotch accredited education while at shelter wood. You can find out more by contacting them directly or through the application process online!

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  1. Carolin Newmeyer said...
    My heart's all aflutter whenever I see these young boys and girls get on the right path. It would be nice to hear their stories and how they are renewed.

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