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Sunday, July 24, 2011

I have heard a lot about of Amsterdam, the capital of Holland from my friend who works as a travel agent. The city is famous for architecture, design and art and, where art is, there i am. I am so passionate about the subject that whatever i can lay my hands on; i capture it like a picture or a memory. Now back to where i was to enlighten you some more. I believe if you are a foodie, amsterdam restaurants will allow your taste buds to savor on Indonesian rice, or Dutch pancakes, which it is quite famous for. Food is cooked it's in its purest form prepared from organically obtained authenticated ingredients.

Have you been to the site called If you haven't yet, the website will give you a clear insight into the art in Amsterdam. Apart from being the destination for food lovers it is also famous for art, so one can also come across great art museums dedicated to Van Gogh and Rembrand. They were the great Dutch masters.

if you are already planning a visit to the capital before i can finish, don't forget art Amsterdam is also famous for its architectural skills and buildings and the place to discover Dutch design! The canals which are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage provide the best view of the 17th and 18th Century house and warehouses. Amsterdam is renowned for its innovation and experimentation in areas of design.

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